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September 2008 Newsletter

The new secure server should be up and running as you read this.
There have been some minor changes to the "look and feel" of the
order pages, but basically everything still works more or less
the same way, except with better security and increased

The last few months have been some of the most frustrating I have
known since starting e-commerce. At times it has seemed that my
former web host has been deliberately trying to destroy the
business, with the order pages down for days at a time and
laggard and inept technical support. With a bit of luck that's
all in the past and I can move on to doing the important stuff
like updating the website, tasting more coffees and getting the
newsletter out on time.

One of the benefits of the new server is the ability to once
again send out the newsletter by email, which is the way most
people will initially receive this. I hope to shortly have
dedicated subscribe/unsubscribe pages on the website as well, but
for the time being the checkbox on the order pages WILL work, at

All these problems have made me deeply appreciative of the
continued support of you, my customers, and my sincere thanks
goes out to you all.

As part of thanking my customers, I have a swag of "old" trade
journals, magazines and SCAA newsletters from 1999 or so to the
present. I've run out of space to keep them, so I'm entirely
willing to give them away to my customers free of charge. Anyone
who is interested just has to add "Free magazine, please" to the
comments section of their order and I'll pop a randomly selected
magazine in with the order. All of the various journals seem to
have interesting articles about both coffee and tea, so there
should be something there for everyone.

Speaking of something for everyone, this month's special is

Uganda Bugisu AA

A full bodied, low acid coffee with complex dark chocolate
flavour and distinct cocoa aftertaste. The addition of milk and
sugar produces the definite impression of milk chocolate. Superb
single origin espresso.

The customer reactions to the last few coffee specials have been
quite enthusiastic, to say the least.

Below is a quote from GB:

"One of your previous specials - a Brazilian, the name of which I
forget - was outstanding. However, I have never seen it since and
I regret not writing.

This time I will not make the same mistake again. The recent
Costa Rica Dota Tarrazu Miel is simply superb, perhaps the best
coffee that I have ever tasted. If you can get more I, for one,
will guarantee a regular offer."

All I can say is, "I wish!" When I see some of the spectacular
coffees on offer in the USA and Europe and dream about getting
them into Australia I'm always brought up short by the hard
reality of our quarantine regime. Only a few short years ago it
was possible to import 200g samples of various coffees without
restriction and then pay AQIS to inspect the bulk import lot.
These days the fee per sample is pushing $200.00, and the
licensing for bulk imports is prohibitive.

So getting the best locally available coffees is incredibly hard
work involving many test roasts, lots of cupping and quite often
only one or two bags of green beans. Still, as long as it makes
you happy...<grin>.