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October 2003 Newsletter

Stock at Last.

What a month it's been! I've had full stock of all my espresso machine items for the first time in over a year, and my customers haven't been slow to take advantage of it. I have literally been running at full capacity (in testing terms) for the whole month.

The new shipments have brought some surprises with them, too. The Rancilio Silvias are now supplied with full commercial portafilters. The Imat machines have undergone yet another name change, they are now the Mokita (for the Junior II) and the Mokita Combi (for the Napoletana II). Both the Imat machines appear to be made out of slightly heavier grade stainless steel these days, which has increased their weight by a kilo or so.

Mokita Gift Set
Mokita Machines (AKA Junior II)
The Santos Gift Set

They have also had changes to the showerscreen, now slotted instead of perforated, and the water distribution nut. Removal now requires a 14mm socket spanner rather than the old, easily stripped screw. Pictures of all of the above are on the website. The other BIG equipment change is that Bodum have now taken charge of their own business in Australia, as a result of which I have the Bodum Gift Set (with the burner, stand etc.) for sale, for the first time in about 10 years. These arrived by accident (they weren't what I'd ordered) but I'm keeping them! Bodum's electronic gear, the E Santos vac pots and the grinder, will also be available soon. Keep your eye on the "Equipment" page of the website for updates.

The new Imat Showerscreen
New Silvia portafilter

The PERU VILLA RICA will continue on special for October, as the new special coffee may not be to everyone's taste. It's world famous for espresso blending, of course, but I don't think I've ever seen it offered in Australia before.

So this month we have both:

Organic Peru Villa Rica $35.00/kg


Monsooned Malabar AA $38.00/kg

This premier Indian coffee is best described by Dr. Joseph John, CEO of JOSUMA Coffee Company in the USA.

On his website at he describes the history of the monsooning process and the results. He says "In the cup, Monsooned Malabar is low in acid, high in body, and has a mellow, pleasant, earthy flavor. This is the lowest-acid coffee in the world. It sells well as a varietal, but is also an excellent blender, helping mute the acidity of certain African and Central American coffees without compromising the fruitiness of those beans. Perhaps its best use, however, is as a low-acid, neutral base of a classic Italian-style espresso blend."

His own Malabar Gold blend is justly famous in espresso circles in both the USA and the UK. I doubt we'll ever see it here, though, as quarantine restrictions would make the import too difficult.

And finally, a reminder to all my customers that I will be attending the HOST Trade Show in Milan next month. There will be no special coffee next month, as I'll be away for a week. I leave on FRIDAY 14th NOV. and return on THURSDAY 20th NOV. on a trip that is basically fly 2 days, show 2 days, fly back 2 days...exhausting but necessary.

Next month's newsletter will mostly be a reminder that I'm not going to be there for that week and you should stock up on your coffee before I go away.

Oh, and I've been tasting coffees for the Christmas Special, and if all goes well, what a special coffee it will be! I just have to hope it arrives in time.

Until next month