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May 2013 Newsletter

The shock of the Boston Marathon bombing and the suffering of those
caught up in it was a terrible punctuation to what was otherwise a
succesful conference. Fortunately we had already left Boston earlier
that day, and only learned of the outrage after we arrived at our
next destination.

The 2013 Boston Marathon finish line, taken 24 hours before the bombing. We must have been standing almost exactly where the first bomb went off.

The 2013 SCAA conference and the symposium which preceded it
highlighted the frightening effects of the coffee leaf rust
epidemic. More than just the shortages of Central American coffees,
up to half a million coffee related jobs may be lost and there may
simply be no more Central and South American organic coffees.
Chemical fungicides appear to be the only way to save existing
plants. 2014 isn't looking good.

Walking the show floor was a good way to cheer up after the bad
news. Apart from bumping into many old friends, tasting exotic
coffees and scoping out the latest in brewing technologies, the
really interesting thing was the amount of glassware on display.

"Old Fashioned" glass pourover brewers like the Chemex, cold brew
towers and many, many syphons were all on display and in action.
Even the Bodum stand had working Santos syphons in action and were
handing out samples of coffees brewed in them. (The Santos brewers
have apparently been renamed "Pebo", reasons unknown.)

Syphons and cold drip towers were everywhere!
A rotating drip table for mutiple pourover brews.

Yet more cold drip towers in a variety of sizes, shapes and stands.
Another syphon display in action.

The first time I've seen Bodum syphons featured at a trade show!
More futuristic drip designs, and Yama syphons.

The Hario display: Syphons, drips, kettles and grinders.
There was a lot of single cup pourover for tasting purposes.

A brewer that was creating a lot of interest was the Alpha Dominche
Steampunk. A sort of cross between a plunger and a vac pot fed from
an espresso style boiler, the actual brewed result was very similar
to a plunger. At $15,000 it reminded me a lot of the Clover brewer,
a brewing solution more or less looking for a problem.

Other than that, there was not a lot of brand new technology on
display. One interesting  item I did see was a milk jug with a built
in LCD thermometer on the side, great for preventing that yucky
burnt milk taste!

Inside the Alpha Dominche Steampunk.
A really good idea, Latte Pro milk jugs with built in thermometers.

This month's coffee special is

Uganda Bugisu AA

This is a big, strong coffee with a heavy body and lingering dark
chocolate and burnt sugar aftertaste, a definite winter warmer.

Despite the best efforts in packing and shipping some of the
machines we sell arrive with minor damage. This is especially
visible when the machines themselves are made from shiny stainless
steel, which is fairly easy to scratch. The tiniest scratch shows up
straight away.

Anyway, the result of this is a SCRATCH & DENT SALE!

We have 5 only Lelit PL042 Combi machines and 3 only Lelit PL041
machines with very minor cosmetic damage. All the machines are brand
new and all the machines carry the full 12 months warranty. All of
them will be fully set up and tested before shipping.

Lelit PL042 Combi
$737.00 + freight

Lelit PL041
$550.00 + freight

This is strictly first come, first served, and we won't be reserving
stuff for later sale. Machines can be ordered from the equipment
order page.

Until next month