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May 2012 Newsletter

You know if you bang your head into a brick wall for long enough,
either your head or the wall will one day crumble? Well, I must
have a hard head because the wall finally came down.

10 years ago I was hassling Italian domestic machine
manufacturers (including Rancilio) for a machine with a decent
sized boiler, electronic temperature control, professional steam
wand and a standard 58mm group, and today my first shipment
arrived. OK, it's from Lelit rather than Rancilio, but that's
only because Rancilio have been doing the company equivalent of
sticking their fingers in their ears and shouting "I can't hear
you!!" for the whole time.

So what have I got?

Stainless Steel body
Italian made (Giemme) PID temperature control
600ml boiler
1200 watt element
Professional ball-joint steam wand
3-way solenoid valve
Standard 58mm group

By "standard" I mean absolutely compatible with Bezzera Domus /
Gea, Diadema, ECM Giotto / Veneziano, Expobar, Isomac, Isso Alex
Duetto, Faema, La Marzocco, la Scala Butterfly, Rancilio, Rocket
Giotto plus all e61 group head portafilters. Standard generic 8mm
group gasket as well. This means that if you want to option the
machine up with flash filter baskets, bottomless portafilters
etc. there are a vast array of parts to suit you.

Of course, limitations-wise it's a single boiler machine at about
the same price as a Silvia, but If I'd had it in 2002 I would
have owned the market. Pity it took so long and so many headaches
to get here!

Price at present is $781.00 plus freight. We are also offering a
"Lelit PLUS Set" of the PL PLUS and the PL53 grinder for $1001.00
plus freight, a saving of 5%.

You can see both offers at

The good news just keeps coming. From now on ALL of our coffee
deliveries, whether by Post or courier, are trackable. All the
satchels now come with tracking numbers. They cost us a little
bit more but I reckon we'll make it back with the reduction in
"lost" parcels and replacement costs.

More new crop coffees are now starting to arrive (and NO, there
won't be any more Costa Rica Tarrazu Miel for at least a couple
of months!) which means I can now look forward to offering some
of the other specials I get hassled about.

This month's special is:

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe $44.00/kg

With a really distinctive citrus and jasmine aroma, sparkling
front palate acidity and smooth chocolate aftertaste it's going
to be sold out pretty quickly. The special coffee is always the
last coffee on the drop-down list on the order page, but once
it's all gone it disappears and that's it. Unfortunately
pleading, begging and bribery just won't get you any more!

Until next month