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March 2015 Newsletter

Well, it looks like my Australia Post problems are (mostly) over.
We've re-jigged our courier procedures to ensure that all our
parcels are scanned in at the bulk delivery centre, and so far we
haven't lost a scanned parcel. Australia Post has been less than
helpful concerning the vanished parcels, even going so far as to
claim that they weren't posted, so it looks like we'll simply have
to write off the losses on this year's tax return instead.

As you'd expect we received a flood of queries from our customers
concerning their deliveries, but in the end every parcel that had
been entered into the tracking system was delivered. As part of the
process we discovered some interesting new delivery options offered
by Australia Post, including:

The Grand Circle Delivery

Whereby a parcel shipped from Port Melbourne to Mount Waverley, a
distance of 20 kilometres, goes via Manly, Brisbane for a total
distance of 3400 kilometres, and

The Quantum Physics Delivery

In which (according to the tracking info) a parcel exists
simultaneously in Melbourne and Sydney until such time as somebody
physically looks at it!
I'm thinking of calling that one the Schrodinger's Cat Coffee

Anyway, on to some coffee related stuff. There has been a fair bit
in the news lately about the beneficial effects of coffee on various
aspects of heath. This has included colorectal and endometrial
cancers, multiple sclerosis, heart disease and diabetes.

The amount of coffee involved is the equivalent of a daily intake of
2 double espressos or 4-6 cups of what Americans call "coffee",
taken without milk or sugar. Except for diabetes, where coffee is
known to affect a particular hormone, all the other studies rely on
statistics. So while "drink more coffee for your health" might seem
like a good idea now, the odds are that some other statistical study
will be telling you the opposite by next year.

On the other hand, "drink more coffee bought from me" sounds like a
great idea (to me!) To help you do that, this month we've got a
coffee sourced from the Ipanema plantation group in Brazil. It's a
varietal called "Red Acaia", a hybrid descended from the Mundo Novo
varietal, itself a hybrid of the 2 great Arabica types, Bourbon and

Up until now it's been very rare. As far as I know it's only grown
in Brazil, and I've only ever tasted it as part of a Brazil Cup of
Excellence cupping. The coffee I tasted was eventually rated 87,
which was pretty good but not enough to get it into the top ten

I would rate this one at least 89 and probably slightly higher.
Brazil has collectively the most sophisticated coffee industry on
Earth, and over the last 10 years Brazilian growers have moved
decisively into the Specialty Coffee arena. What was once primarily
commodity coffee is becoming increasingly refined, and I can see
some of these microlot Brazilian varietals winning competitions and
commanding Panama Geisha-like prices and scarcity in the very near
future. For the present, I'll just enjoy them while they're still

Brazil Red Acaia

It's sweet, smooth, slightly acidy, has a rich, creamy body and a
malty, nutty aftertaste. For all of you old enough to remember, it
reminds me of an ancient and long gone fizzy soft drink, Eck's
Creamy Soda.

Until next month


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