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June 2012 Newsletter

I try to limit my technical dissertations about computer related
subjects because I'm well aware that as soon as I start most
people's eyes are going to glaze over. Back when I started
writing these newsletters hardly anyone had a computer and an
internet connection. People who had both were generally "techie"
by nature and more interested in how things worked, rather than
the fact that they just worked.

These days, of course, everyone carries computers around with
them in their pockets and purses, they're called phones, and the
internet is never out of reach unless you live in the bush. As
far as most people are concerned, everything just works without
having to think about it. One of the more ... unfortunate side
effects of this is that people tend to have more than one email
address, and in some cases a LOT more than one. Being responsible
retailers we only want to send you our newsletter once, but some
of you seem to be getting a dozen or so copies. Some people
who've asked to be on the list have typos in their addresses and
don't get the newsletter at all.

So I've spent the last month poring over the email list and
removing dead addresses, correcting misspellings and matching and
compressing duplicates. Still, if you get more than one copy of
the electronic newsletter, there is an easy way to remove
yourself from the mailing list. Just scroll down to the bottom of
the newsletter and click on the link. You'll be taken to a web
page which lists the address to be removed and has a "Remove"
button. Click the button and you're gone.

Getting a new email address on to the mailing list is also
simple. You can make sure you use it with your next order and
tick the box on the form, or just send an email direct to me.
Either way you'll be on the list before the next newsletter comes

And I must say that for many of my customers it seems to
important that they get the newsletter so that they can order the
monthly special coffee. These days the most common complaint I
get is "I can't find the monthly special!", usually because it's
all gone by mid-month. For the record, it's always the last
coffee on the drop down list on the order page.

After the big, punchy flavours of the specials in the last couple
of months I decided to go for something softer and milder. This
month's coffee is smooth, sweet and low acid in the front palate
with dried fruit and nut flavours mid-mouth, finishing with a
soft, buttery aftertaste. It makes a really interesting, sweet
single origin espresso.

Burundi Rugabo

This central African coffee is grown from old stock bourbon trees
first planted in the 1930s.

Finally, I've had a few queries concerning the removal of the
Lelit 57mm chrome group collars, in particular the need for a
ground down 8mm socket, so I've set up a small webpage showing a
cheapo (less than $20.00 from Bunnings) socket set, ground and
unground sockets and the grindstone I used.

In this case I used a grindstone that fits in an electric drill,
but you can use an angle grinder, a Dremel tool or an old
fashioned hand file for the same result. All that's needed is to
shave less than 0.5mm of metal off the outside of the socket 4 to
5mm from the business end.

The webpage address is
for those interested.

Until next month