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June 2005 Newsletter

As promised, this month's special is a ripper. I won't keep
anyone in suspense, it is

Yemen Mokha Ismaili

"Subtle front palate acidity, moving into a malty, fruity middle
palate. The finish and aftertaste is absolutely smooth, pure
chocolate. This is an exquisite, aromatic, complex coffee with a
full body and beautiful balance."

If anything, this year's offering is even better than last
year's, with the deep toned fruit & chocolate tones clear in the
cup. Quantity limit will be maximum 1kg per person.

Due to a software problem I wasn't able to send out last month's
newsletter by email, (it is online at but hopefully
everything will work out this month. In the lead-up to the end of
financial year I hope to have a couple of "Reconditioned Machine"
bargains available for those quick off the mark. I'll be sending
out a "mini newsletter" mid month to let people know.

The new financial year will bring in a host of changes, most of
them due to the continuing rapid growth of the business. One of
them has already happened, and I'd like to introduce my new
packing person Tmanna.

She started work with me in April, and has proved to be a steady
and meticulous worker. Note that Tmanna is involved solely with
the packaging of the coffees from the orders placed via the secure
order pages on the website. She doesn't have access to my
phone or incoming email, which means that orders emailed to me or
placed by phone basically "go to the back of the queue" until
such time as I can get them to her.

Her assistance has freed some of my time up and I've been able to
think about where I want the business to go. I've also been able
to pay a lot more attention to my roasting.

One major upcoming innovation will be the update of the secure
order pages to work with a "Gateway" credit card charging system,
(directly associated with the major Banks) so that your card is
debited as soon as the order is placed. At present, we manually
bill your card some time after we've filled and despatched your
order. The sheer number of orders these days has meant that I
often have to set aside a whole day, usually on a weekend, just
to catch up. Add in the complications of expiry dates, changed
cards and other "bounces" and it's getting to be quite a

If we get the Gateway thing working it will also enable us to
stop storing customer credit card details offline and to include
a combined packing slip/tax invoice with every order. The main
problem (as I see it) will be more details needing to be filled
out on the order forms, but I believe this will be an acceptable
trade off for increased online credit card security and reduced
card problems.

Due to the complexity of what I sell and the possible variations
in delivery methods and costs I'll also be looking at reducing
the number of equipment items I stock, and concentrating on my
main job. Which of course I regard as locating and roasting the
best quality coffees available in Australia, bar none. One set of
items guaranteed to disappear will be the Moka Pots. I've sold 4
this year, down from 60 a few years ago, so they are not really
worthwhile keeping in stock.

Until next month,