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January 2016 Newsletter

Well, I'm back. After the frantic scramble pre Christmas, it was
nice to have a whole week's break. My wife and I decided to drive up
to Sydney to visit with some friends, and maybe catch the odd day at
the cricket. Oh well, best laid plans and all that.

Instead of a pleasant week spent zipping around in ferries, visiting
trendy cafes and enjoying the best the harbour city has to offer, we
spent most of the week under leaden skies and pouring rain. No
cricket, no cafes, no ferries. At least I caught up on my reading.

I also received an invitation to attend the Café Asia International
Coffee and Tea Expo to be held in March 2016 at Marina Bay Sands in
Singapore. I will be attending, and I'll flag up now that coffee
shipping will be interrupted for 2 weeks from the beginning of
March. I'll have exact dates in the February newsletter.

In the December newsletter I said that this would be short (true)
and that there wouldn't be a special coffee (not precisely false.)
This month's offering is a blend of leftover and might-have-been
previous specials, which in a tribute to mystery writer Dorothy L.
Sayers I have decided to call "Domestic Blend." A new year stocktake
convinced me that I had sufficient assorted green coffees for at
least one roast.

Domestic Blend

It's a quote from the book "Murder Must Advertise" for those that
want to look it up.

The blend "made chiefly from the odds-and-ends of other coffees" has
turned out to be rich, full bodied and aromatic, with low acidity
and a smooth finish, even better than I expected. Given its
stocktake sale price, it's a bargain!

Until next month


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