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January 2004 Newsletter

As it turned out, I didn't get my "Christmas Special " coffee
until the 23rd of December, a little bit late for Christmas. So
it looks like it's going to be a "New Years Special Coffee"
instead. Happy New Year! and Gong Xi Fa Xai! to all my customers,
and here it is!


My tasting notes for this coffee read: "Rich, deep toned flavour
with spicy, slightly fruity aftertaste (apricot?) mixed with
chocolate. Makes a superb straight espresso with a particularly
reddish crema."

This coffee is produced in the Dominican Republic by a USAID
supported co-op, and is also organically grown, so it would
probably qualify for both "Fair Trade" and "Organic" status. I
didn't bother to get the certification  with the coffee, as it
was hard enough to get hold of the beans as it was. You can
actually see photos of the growers on the Dominican Republic
website at .

It is a rare (and quite expensive) coffee, but since I've now got
200kg to sell and no intention of waiting till next Christmas,
I've marked it down to clear. I'll keep it on the coffee list
until it's all gone.

I also now have 3 variations of the Bodum Santos sets for sale.
The "Base Set", which consists of the Santos with scoop and jug
stopper, is $77.00.

The "Kampagne" set (which is the one sold in the USA) also has a
Bodum stand, a lid for the funnel and a plastic trivet to rest
the jug in; it's $95.00.

Finally, the "Gift Set" comes with even more accessories plus an
alcohol burner and stand, for $132.00. Pictures of all 3 are on
the "Equipment" page of the Website.

I have reasonable stocks of both Silvias and Stainless Steel
Rockys until my next shipment arrives at the end of this month.
This shipment also has my stocks of doserless Rockys, after many
months of delays from Rancilio in Italy. For the committed
cleaners among the Silvia owners, blind filters and detergent
kits are once again available at $16.50.

The Mokita machines will also be back in stock at the end of this
month, so I'll be fully stocked for February.

That's the lot for now,

Until Next Month