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December 2006 Newsletter

This newsletter is a milestone of sorts; it marks 10 years of
sending these out as printed, email and web page versions. Over a
hundred newsletters is a lot for someone who types with 2
fingers! In that time we've been through a lot of different
topics, but one that recurs time and time again is the need to
own a grinder.

Fresh coffee beans correctly ground for your brewing process are
the only way to really experience the myriad subtle flavours the
best coffees have to offer. It doesn't matter if you're using a
plunger or an espresso machine, the taste will be cleaner, the
aroma more intense and the satisfaction greater when your coffee
is ground just before brewing.

Of course, 10 years ago a decent grinder was a major investment.
Even the cheapest grinder with any real quality (the Lux) was
almost $200.00. If grinder prices had kept pace with average
salaries, a Lux would now cost $350.00! The rise of China as a
manufacturing giant has had a lot to do with keeping prices low,
and Sunbeam has been taking full advantage of this.

New from Sunbeam is the EM0450 coffee grinder. This is a
"stripped back" version of the EM0480 grinder I currently sell.
It has a plastic body and catch tray, no separate on/off switch,
just a portafilter actuated microswitch, and the power cord is
only 30cm long.

On the other hand, it has the same burrs, burr carriers, motor,
hopper and adjustment range as it's older brother, and it's much
cheaper at $154.00 inc. GST. Note that this means it is a
suitable match for ANY espresso machine on the market, including
the Rancilio Silvia, as well as being great for filter, plunger
etc. At this sort of price there is simply no excuse not to own a
grinder. Makes a great present, too.

You will need it to get the most from our Christmas Special
coffee, the wonderful

Yemen Mokha Ismaili

Cherry fruit front palate, deep toned chocolate undertaste with
just enough acidity to sparkle, the ultimate connoisseur's

There are no quantity limits on the special.

We will be closing down from
THURSDAY DEC.21st until MONDAY JAN.8th . Last possible shipping
day is the Thursday, and goods shipped then are unlikely to
arrive before Christmas.

My last roast day will be MONDAY DEC.18th , thereafter we will
run down all stocks of roasted coffee to zero. As usual, orders
placed after Monday will be filled with whatever coffee we have
left, as we can't guarantee stocks of any particular bean or

Finally, some good news about mid range domestic espresso
machines. I've managed to get in touch with the 3rd supplier of
Imat/Nemox/Etc. espresso machines, L'Elit. I have imported, by
air at great expense, a L'Elit PL042 espresso machine/grinder
unit. Turns out to be leaving the Imat factory from a different
door, but it's the same machine as the Imat Mokita Combi, down to
the serial number sticker on the base of the machine. All going
well, we will once again be selling the Combi in February 2007.
The Junior/Mokita/ PL041 will follow shortly afterwards. I might
even invent a new name for the machines, just to confuse things!

Season's greetings and a Happy and Prosperous New Year to all my
customers, and yes, there will be a January newsletter.