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December 2004 Newsletter

 As promised, the December "Special" coffee is the much-requested

LIMIT 500g per Customer.

 Much as I would wish to be able to supply every request for this coffee, I have received only 120kg of the green beans. After roasting, I'll have about 100kg, so only 200 people or so will actually get any. I've been sipping it as I type this, and the angels still dance across my tongue.
Stocks of espresso machines are very rapidly approaching zero, due to sales far in advance of my projections. All the stainless steel Mokita Combis are gone (2 1/2 months worth in November alone) and stocks of Imat Mokitas and Lux grinders are rapidly dwindling. I still don't have a confirmed arrival date for my Rancilio shipment, but I'm praying fervently that they get in before the 15th of December.

In other equipment news, Bodum Australia have finally started importing their Electric Santos Brewers, Grinder and the Stratos espresso machine. I haven't yet decided if I'll carry the E- Santos brewers, but I definitely won't be selling the espresso machine (thermoblock) or grinder (Solis 166 burrset).

One of the reasons I'm reluctant to take on any further electrical equipment items is the increase in time required to test them. If you buy something from a big electrical retailer or department store and it doesn't work you can just jump in the car and return it for refund or replacement. This gets a lot more difficult when the retailer (me) can be a long distance away from the customer (you.)

By testing every espresso machine and grinder before it is shipped I can ensure that problems which have escaped QC in Italy are picked up and corrected before they get to the customer. Most of the stuff I fix is minor but annoying; missing accessories, loose fasteners etc. Some are a bit more dramatic, like pipes with pinhole leaks, plumbing connections which aren't tight or stuck thermostats. And every now and then a machine with a major problem, such as a cracked boiler or major electrical fault will pop up. I see it as my job to ensure that as far as possible the customer is shielded from this sort of thing.

The increase in business this year has put both me and my family under a fair bit of strain, not helped by a certain amount of trauma among extended family and friends. We've decided that a reasonably long (by our standards) holiday is in order, dates are below:


1.00p.m. Friday 24th December.


7.30a.m. Thursday 13th January

During this period we'll be travelling both within Australia and to Singapore. The order pages will be closed down, but will reopen on Monday 10th January. It's worthwhile noting that I don't intend to have any roasted coffee left in stock when we close, so late orders in the week before Christmas may have a limited choice of beans.

There will obviously be no January newsletter, but I hope to be energetic enough when I get back to get the February one out on time.

I'd like to wish all my customers a safe and happy festive season and a pleasant and prosperous New Year.