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August 2015 Newsletter

Moving is a pain. Still, we managed it without disrupting our coffee
deliveries or acquiring too many injuries so I suppose I shouldn't
whinge too much. One of the few benefits of moving is the necessity
of packing everything up securely, then unpacking at the other end.

During this process I discovered that what I thought was a box of
spare water tanks (very light) was actually half full of
portafilters (very heavy!) with the tanks on top. They'd arrived as
replacements for several batches with chrome plating problems a few
years back. We'd already shipped locally purchased replacements to
our affected customers, and since I was away at a conference when
they came in they simply ended up stacked in with other spares and
forgotten. My helpful packing person at the time must have thought
that box was portafilter central, because a lot of other
portafilters were in there as well.

So now I have a plethora of portafilters! A gaggle of group handles!
Which I will be selling at about half the current market price,
since I need the space more than the spares. First we have a heap of
Rancilio 58mm commercial single spout portafilters (the spouts are
removable) which will work with a wide variety of machines and
baskets. I've personally tested them with E-61, Faema and Lelit PL Plus
groups, but I'm sure they work with many others. These are priced at
$57.20 including GST and postage anywhere in Australia.

Next we have a bunch of 57mm Lelit portafilters without spouts.
These will also fit Quaha, Imat, Nemox and some Ascaso machines, and
you can add on any standard 3/8" spout (Coffeeparts has a wide
selection) you wish. $53.90 including GST and postage.

Finally we have a few laScala E-61 group 58mm portafilters sans
spouts. These are the angled handle "ergonomic" model with the
rounded body, also $53.90 all up. It will be good to recover some
space when these are all gone, and I've only got another 20 or so
boxes left to unpack. All of the portafilters are up on the
Equipment Order page.

Apart from the moving most of my time during the month has been
occupied in roasting, blending and cupping ahead of my maragogype
stocks running out. It looks like I've got acceptable substitutes
for both, and I've been able to reformulate both Alan's Blend and
the Espresso LAC Blend to work around the missing components.
Changeover will happen sometime during August.

What I haven't had time to do is the roasting and cupping for a new
monthly special, so I'm going to bring forward one I had in the
queue. Our most requested special coffee so far this year was the
May one, but at the time I couldn't get any more. As usually happens
people buy the special, drink it and then think "Hmm, I'd like some
more of that!" just about the time it's all sold. I put out some
feelers among other roasters and was able get hold of a small amount
I was saving for December. So this month we've got

Burundi Cafex Microlot

First of all, as soon as you grind it you get a distinct tropical
fruit aroma, easily identifiable even by someone not trained in
coffee evaluation (i.e. a tea drinker.) The tropical fruit follows
through into the flavour, with a sweet pineapple acidity. The body
is relatively heavy, and the coffee finishes on almost a fruit mince
note, raisins with those little bits of orange peel mixed in. This
is one fruity coffee.

Until next month


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