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August 2014 Newsletter

Our website update has finally started. It's been over 10 years
since we made any real changes to the "look and feel" of the
site, and now we've stopped selling equipment it was time.

A lot of the changes are cosmetic, but we've also done a fair bit
to make it faster to download with less bandwidth. Mobile devices
and bandwidth charges mean that huge, slow flash animated sites
are a pain to use. For the time being there are no changes to the
order pages, which is a good thing.

It's good because it means that when you enter your credit card
details they go straight through to the bank, without ever being
stored on the website. While it might be a bit inconvenient to
have to type your details in every time, it means that there is
no way for anyone to hack into a file on the website that's
packed with card numbers ... because there isn't one. A great
comfort to me and my customers!

As part of the update a bunch of old articles will be de-linked
and I've begun the process of editing some of the remaining ones.
The machine repair articles are the first, but others will follow
and hopefully I'll have new content before the end of this year.
"Domestic Espresso Machine Repair" has been split up into
"Rancilio Silvia Repairs" and "Imat/Nemox/Lelit Repairs".

I've also cleaned up the "Glossary" and "Cleaning and
Maintenance" pages, and added a bit here and there. The new stuff
will be much more coffee oriented, rather than being about
machines. However, before all that happens I've got a couple of
hundred pages of content to go through, removing dead links,
restoring broken ones and cleaning up code.

This also means that I'm going to have to be even more involved
in the green beans and roasting sides of the industry than I am
at present, a process that's already begun. Towards the end of
July I attended a "cupping evening" organised by H.A. Bennett &
Sons, Australia's leading green coffee importers. There were 10
really high end coffees on the cupping tables, and 40 or so eager
people from the local industry slurping away at them.

A bunch of happy coffee professionals just before the cupping started. Scott Bennett is on the left in the light blue shirt.

On offer were 2 Indian coffees, a Colombia, a Costa Rica, 3
Panamas and 3 Yemens. The stand out coffees of the night were one
of the Panamas and one of the Yemens. Of course, I've already
snagged small quantities of both coffees. The quantities are
small because the green coffees are exceptionally expensive by
any standards. I thought about quantity limits but instead
decided to try "first in, best dressed" for at least this month.

So the August special coffee will be

Panama Maunier Bourbon

This is seriously the sweetest coffee I've ever tasted. It has an
upfront brown sugar and berry aroma which resolves into an
exceptionally sweet front palate, balanced with a little
pineapple acidity. A rich mid-palate body shades into a creamy,
smooth malty finish.

The September special will be the Yemen Bani Matar, and I should
be selling it for $100.00/kg, based on the green coffee price.
Instead it will be $60.00/kg, but if you're interested I'll be
asking for a pre-commitment so I can make sure that I have enough
to cover the demand. Please let me know by email or comment with
orders if you want some, and roughly how much. That way everyone
has a chance of at least getting something.

Until next (Yemen) month


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