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Coffee Descriptions
Per Kilo
Alan's Blend. Medium to Strong. Blended by me to suit my personal taste preferences, a rich and complex coffee with a smooth finish, and enough oomph to get me moving in the morning. Simply the best coffee that I can put together.

Brazil Safira. Medium. One of the best Brazilian coffees produced. Light, smooth and sweet, used by the famous Italian roasters for their premium blends.

Cafe de Cuba. Medium .This new crop coffee has an intense nutty aroma, soft sweet acid front palate, medium body and a milk chocolate finish. Seriously smooth.

Colombian Cafe Jardin. Strong. The smoothest of all our strong coffees, a beautifully sweet front palate acidity with a buttery
middle palate and a toasty malt finish


Costa Rica Tarrazu. Strong. The purest coffee flavour and aroma of all. The Tarrazu Valley produces the best Costa Rican beans, with high flavour, full body and rich, smooth finish.


Kenya AA. Strong The darker roast brings out the rich, winey flavour of this premium coffee, so often rated better than all others by tasters. . Particularly liked for its blackcurrant front palate and its flavourful, cleansing finish.


Ethiopian Harar. Medium. Ethiopian coffee (REAL Mocha!) from the Harar Mountain District. Distinctive chocolatey flavour and smooth short finish, the original Arabica bean with a 1000 year pedigree.


Nicaraguan Candida Estate. Medium. Sweet high acid coffee with vibrant, mouth filling flavour balanced with good body and a smooth, creamy aftertaste. Most suited to plunger or filter brewing.


PNG Tungei Peaberry. Strong. Deep aroma and flavour. Berry fruit and cocoa mid palate, medium acid and body, smooth complex sweet finish.


Sumatra Mandheling. Medium to strong. Very aromatic, with a rich coffee flavour and an incredibly lingering aftertaste, but most noted for its buttery mouthfeel. The world's most full bodied coffee.


Organic Honduras Recinos. Medium to Strong.  Front palate orange zest acidity with a smooth body and a nutty chocolate finish. Both organic and fair trade approved.


Espresso Perfetto. Medium to Strong. Based on Cuban coffee (see above), this blend gives a rich, sweet, full bodied cup in the perfect Northern Italian style, with the perfect lingering aftertaste.


Espresso LAC Blend. Medium. Designed explicitly for making Cafe Latte and Cappuccino coffees, to give a smooth, rich pure coffee flavour even when diluted with the milk.


Espresso Meridionale. Strong. An exceptionally rich, full bodied coffee in the Southern Italian tradition with a deep full crema, a smooth tingling start and bittersweet chocolate finish.


Espresso Cioccolato.Medium. Ultra smooth and chocolaty with a rich creamy body and lingering, low acid cocoa aftertaste


Packaging is in valved laminated foil bags.
Small (200 & 250g) bags incur extra costs.


$10.50 (400g or less)

$13.50 (2kg or less)

Express Post:

$13.00 (400g or less)

$15.50 (2kg or less)

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